2020 programme registration

Welcome to the Pelican Project! As you start your journey with us, we ask that you give us some information about yourself to help us support you and the future of our organisation.

Whilst our activities are built around our learning disabled ‘core members’, we believe that creating positive experiences, outcomes and change requires working together as equals. Whether you are learning disabled individual, a family member, a support worker, nurse, student, artist or ANYONE attending our groups, we value you and your experience with us!

For that reason, we ask everyone for the same information. Here’s why…


  1. A bit about you…

In this form we ask, you guessed it, for some information about YOU! We ask for this information for three reasons:
– To get a head start on understanding your needs so that we can work safely together 
– To get the contact information we need to be in touch with you
– To help you with the evaluation of our project. We  (and our funders) want to know if you are making a difference. But gathering information when you join us, we can understand better how you feel in your community and the aspirations you have. At intervals throughout the year we can track your journey and get an idea of whether our organisation is meeting its aims. This evaluation process helps secure future funding.

2. Photo consent form

The pelican project uses images of its members, with their consent, for several purposes. This can be to track and individuals journey, update or followers on social media or promote particular event. The photo consent form gives you complete control of whether your images are used and how.

  • We will never share your details with anyone not involved in The Pelican Project
  • It will take time for us to get to know you and we look forward to doing this at your pace. Here is an opportunity for you to give us some information about your needs to start this process. This information is helpful but you are not obliged to tell us anything that you are uncomfortable with.
  • Photo Consent Form

    Consent to use photos or film footage of Pelican Project members, staff and volunteers.
  • data protection requirements

    To comply with General Data Protection Regulation 2018, we need your permission before we can photograph or capture any film or audio footage of you. Please answer the questions below, then sign and date the form where shown and return the completed form to a member of the Pelican Project staff.
  • How we will use your photos, audio or film footage

    We may take photographs, audio and film footage of you while you are a member at Helicon to help promote our work on our website, social media and in marketing or funding materials.
  • consent

    We would like your consent to take photos, audio and film footage of you and use them in the way is described above. If you’re not happy for us to do this, that’s no problem – we will accommodate your preferences. Please tick your answer to confirm.
  • If you change your mind about us taking, storing and using your photograph, audio or film footage at any time you can let us know by emailing info@pelicanproject.org.uk or calling 07800984765.
  • How long do we keep the photographs, audio and film footage?

    Your photo, audio and film footage will be kept while you are associated with Pelican and for a subsequent three years at which point it will be moved to a secure archived folder and only used if a replacement is not available.
  • request to delete

    Upon request your photo, audio and film footage can immediately be removed from our files, but please be aware we will not be able to remove it from printed content already published and in circulation. If you wish to see or hear your photo, audio or film footage, please ask. We will be more than happy to show you. Your photo/film will not be shared with third parties for their own use. If at any time you change your mind while we are taking photos or filming please let us know and we can stop.
  • Group sign-up

    This year you have 6 groups to offer you. Due to changing COVID-19 guidelines, the details of these groups are subject to change (We will give you 24 hours notice of any changes via a WhatsApp group). Please let us know your preferred groups by ticking the box. You can tick more than one box

Pelican Pay

From September 2020, The Pelican Project activities will be subject to a small charge per session.

Payment Options

Pay-as-you-go cost per session – £5
Advance payment for 10 sessions – £40 (saving £10)


Please quote your NAME and the DATE OF THE SESSION in the notes section.

In person using our card reader

using apple pay or google pay on your smartphone

Alternatively you can pay by BACS:

Account number: 65841738
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account name: The Pelican Project Exeter CIC
Please quote your NAME and the DATE OF THE SESSION in the notes section.

We WILL NOT be accepting cash payments.

any questions?

Email pelicanpay@pelicanproject.org.uk or speak to Charlie Robinson.
Thank you for supporting us to make The Pelican Project strong and sustainable!