Pelican Zone

Welcome to the Pelican Zone! We’re always busy creating things in our community. Here you can see some of the things we’ve been up to.

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Check out our 2017-2019 Activity Summary

One year ago, we set out on a journey without really knowing where we wanted to end up. However, we know with certainty that our core members creative energy would lead us toward improving Exeter’s Arts and Culture scene. In this experimental, risky and uncharted territory, we were proved right at every turn. Here we present a brief overview of our activities…click for more.

Rebekah Horton Photography – a new collaboration


“Thank you to The Pelican Project for an amazing opportunity. I have enjoyed meeting everyone and it has brought back very fond memories of being involved with another charity when I was a child, that also supported me with coping with Asperger’s syndrome. The Pelican Project are fantastic to work with and it’s an amazing feeling to be able to support others through being creative.” – RH


Thanks to Rebakah for the fantastic photos she took for our groups! Make sure to check out her website too!



We are so grateful to the Co op Local Community Fund for selecting us to be part of this years customer donations across Exeter. Please help us make the most of this opportunity by sharing this and donating 1% of your shopping costs when you visit Coops at Pennsylvania Road, Queen Street and Old Tiverton Road. Come on you hungry students! 

Our promo film

Exeter’s Heroic War Pigeon!

Proud to be involved in the launch of “Mary of Exeter”, a beautiful and heart-warming animated story of Mary, the pigeon who flew secret messages across the English Channel in Second World War.

Super excited to have our first exhibition at AWEsome Art Space!

Pelican’s first ever product to be sold!

Christmas cards

Loves it

We’re excited to be involved in this illustration fair. Come and check out what we’ve been making!

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