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One year ago, we set out on a journey without really knowing where we would to end up. However, we knew with certainty that our core members creative energy would lead us toward improving Exeter’s Arts and Culture scene. In this experimental, risky and unchartered territory, we were proved right at every turn. Here we present a brief overview of our activities over the past 18 months that that have delivered us to a clear vision of how we want to develop our work and how we can raise the profile of our core members as valuable contributors to Arts and Culture across the city.

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Four of Swords Theatre Workshops

Four of Swords is an Exeter-based theatre, media and education company, with a reputation for creating vivid, magical and immersive storyscapes. We have worked with a range of educational partners such as AQA and Pearson examination boards, Cambridge University Press, Plymouth University and Exeter Phoenix.

We are extremely excited to announce a series of workshops working with the amazing Pelican Project, bringing together Pelican members with undergraduates from Exeter University’s Drama Department. The focus of the workshops will be creating fairy tale shadowplays. The uni students will take the lead in developing the puppets and the stories, whilst the Pelicans will create an eerie and spine-tingling soundtrack. They’ll also have the chance to play with the puppets and explore a bit of shadow work themselves. The project will culminate in a spectacular performance of the plays!

12th, 19th, 26th November, 3rd December

Our new promo film

Yoga Wednesdays

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Shadow puppets at RAMM





Special posts about people with learning disabilities and their experiences.

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The Founding Families

Last time round I alluded to a divided society. Where in our community are we supposed to put our faith? At Pelican, that’s an easy one. Our core members and their families are always there, fighting the good fight. That sounds a bit gushy. But the people I refer to are pure grit. Our project

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Who to back?

It’s been a while since our last blog. This is mostly because of the growing chip on my shoulder about the general state of things. I’ve gone to publish a couple of entries but each time decided Pelican is not the place to offload my grievances. Fortunately, a couple of weeks ago on Question Time,

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