The Pelican Project was set up in 2017. We embarked on a journey without really knowing where we would end up. What we did know with certainty was that our core members’ ( a group of learning disabled young people) and their creative energy would lead to improving Exeter’s Arts and Cultural scene. In this experimental, risky and uncharted territory, we were proved right at every turn.

We now have 2 regular groups in visual arts, music and dance based at one of Exeter’s key cultural venues, Exeter Phoenix. We also deliver a rolling program of arts, community and social events hosted across the city.

Our activities are built around our core members, however, our project focuses on accessibility rather than disability. For this reason, we have seen our group grow to include members from all sorts of backgrounds:
core members
partner members – people from the organisations, community groups and venues that we work with
support members – family and carers that support our core members
student members – young people from further and higher education backgrounds who are looking to broaden their horizons

If you’d like to find out more about our members, aims, objectives and strategy please see our “Mission Question Document” here.

We welcome involvement from anyone who would like to make a positive impact on their community and help us on our journey to discover how we make sure disability belongs in our community.

The Pelican Project belongs to its members and has 4 directors:


football | cycling | beer
Project manager and sesh lead


Music | Walking | Being outside
Behind the scenes general manager


Music | Running | Food | Family | Beach | Making and Baking
My main focus for The Pelican Project has been to develop a strong Evaluation, Monitoring and Impact strategy. This helps us to keep focused and true to our aims and ethos, and provides us with the evidence we need to show funders that we are achieving what we’ve set out to do. I also help write funding applications and help with the day-to-day administration of the project.


Printmaking | Cycling | History | Animation | Antiques | Travel
Printing and pigeons