Making things happen

“There’s three types of people in the world: Those who don’t know what happened, those who wonder what happened, and people like us from the streets, that make things happen” – Stranded on Death Row, Dr Dre, 1992

What type of person are you? I’ve had this song on repeat this week. The words are as powerful to me now as they were 20 years ago. In a quaint playground of Newton Abbot it was words like these that began to open my eyes to another world. A world where people have less. A world where people are angry. A world where people have to make things happen for themselves. Unlike the boy who first heard this song, I don’t have to wonder what’s happening anymore. At The Pelican Project we see it every week. In fact, this holiday season is just getting in the way. It’s nearly time to let our core members get back to what they do best: making things happen.


Make what happen? I’ll tell you about one tip of one iceberg. Before Christmas I talked about standing up to our fears. That’s one thing. But what about changing the way people think in the process? What about making something new? And I don’t mean cut-and-stick-clap-your-hands, you’ve-got-a-lovely-smile kind of things. I mean innovative, radical and enlightened things that cut straight to the heart of what it takes to sustain a vital community. With thanks to the amazing DAISI who have provided the funding and the genius of James Tarling (Course Leader at Exeter College) we are ready to go with our new music project: TopLine. TopLine refers to the process used in the professional music industry where a team of musicians, lyricists, techies, producers and whoever else can contribute creatively, work with an artist to produce a track. The next generation of music professionals studying at Exeter College will team up with our core members to mirror this process and produce tracks that place them in the centre of the creative process.

Are you ready?

There has been some brilliance across the board in setting up this project. But once again, it is our core members that are making it happen. It’s their creative ability that inspired this idea, it’s their characters that have hooked everyone to it and it will be their energy that carries everyone with them. Whilst we’re all grinding to a halt in a deluge of pigs-in-blanket-beer-belly-blues, our core members are ready to go. 

Have a great new year! 


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